Access Automation

Bayside Electrical Services are trained and certified to install and repair all types of access automation products.

We source our products from New Zealand’s leading provider of entry automation and access control systems to provide our customers with quality products. AANZ are New Zealand’s only official distributors of FAAC the world’s largest and most successful automation company.

This allows us to provides our customers with safe, reliable and high performance automation and access control solutions for:

Touchless Access Solutions

At the start of 2020, the value of hand hygiene was made clear by COVID-19.

Surface contamination spreads disease. Touchless Access effectively eliminates this common vector in some of the most highly trafficked areas of your buildings, and beyond that offers convenience to your family, staff or customers.

Gate Automation

We provide a range of gate automations to control everything from small pedestrian and drive way gates, to heavy-duty gates required for high security purposes. Our range of gate automation products consists of motors for both swinging and sliding gates.

Vehicle Barriers

Due to FAAC innovations and Genius barriers we can provide our customers with barriers ideal for any scenario. Secure your area with an FAAC and genius barrier that is capable of running high speeds with long beams (up to 8.3m).

Intercoms & Access Control

We provide a range of Videx intercoms and XPR access control systems to accommodate any circumstance. We offer everything from simple audio only intercoms to access control systems with all the bells and whistles to accommodate thousands of apartments.

Hardware & Locks

We provide our customers with products that are manufactured to the highest international standards with an extensive range of locks from Viro and hardware from Combi Arialdo to ensure your gates; doors, vehicles and more are secured with top quality Italian hardware.


TiSO is a world-leading manufacturer of physical security equipment, providing us with a range of turnstiles to suit all needs. From waist-high fast and sleek turnstiles for transport facilities, offices and gyms, to full height turnstiles and revolving doors. You can easily manage crowds, restrict access, or control traffic using our robust turnstiles and latest technology.

Automatic & Fixed Bollards

Control traffic and entry with our range of FAAC certificated bollards, from simple fixed bollards through to anti-terrorism and fully automatic bollards. These are made to adhere to international standards ensuring they are as strong as possible.

Automatic Pedestrian Doors

We provide pedestrian door motors for all circumstances, even high intensive scenarios such as hospitals. Our range of doors is automated with FAAC systems to ensure these are certified reliable, safe and high performance.

Custom Solutions

We even provide custom solutions for special requests and bespoke circumstances. We work with you to develop a solution to fit your needs, so contact us with your project details now.

Talk to us today about your next automation or access control project.

Vehicle Barriers

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