Gate Automation

Bayside Electrical Services can advise, supply and install all your automated gating requirements. Whether you are adding automation to your existing gate, or installing a new system from scratch, we have extensive experience in both residential and industrial/commercial settings. We will provide the reliable functionality you need, and can ensure your gate has great ‘street appeal’ if you desire.

Our team are always kept up-to-date with the latest gating techniques and options, so we can recommend the most suitable and cost-effective solution for you – no matter your scale or budget.

Considerations of an excellent automated gating system include:

  • Design and appearance;
  • Ergonomics and ease-of-use;
  • Audio/visual communications (intercoms, screens and speakers);
  • Uncompromising safety;
  • Functionality in your specific setting and usage.

Our packages include the latest technologies and you can be assured installation will be performed to the highest standard.

In our consultation we can outline your options, which may include:

Sliding Gate

Sliding Gates

  • Ideal for spaces where access may be an issue
  • Suited to spaces where a swinging door would be difficult to open such as spaces close to footpaths and entrances to buildings
  • Commonly used in light industrial settings
  • A stylish, automated gate can become a defining feature of your residence or business
  • Security, functionality and unified architectural design as one
Swinging Gate

Swinging Gates

  • Swinging gates can be ideal for pedestrian walkways and other smaller, narrower spaces
  • Popular with entrances to gardens and exterior courtyards
  • Option to open inwards avoiding any space issues
  • Single or double leaf options to cover larger spaces
  • Retain that swinging-gate charm, with modern convenience
Industrial Gate

Heavy Duty / Commercial Gates

  • If traffic is going to be very regular and your gate used in a commercial setting, you need it to be durable and built for high frequency
  • Extended warranties to suit frequent use
  • Speed of operation can be increased with heavy-duty motors to suit intended use
  • Security measures can be fortified if solid, industrial-style doors and respective motors are installed
  • High end turn-key options such as this off-grid, solar-powered installation pictured here

DIY Kits

Available from both our FAAC premier range and now we have low budget TMT Options:

Bayside Electrical have partnered with a local gate supplier based in Tauranga to provide our clients with a simple solution you can put together and install. Bayside electrical can supply you the DIY gate and automation to suit to get your gate moving. These made to order and stocked standard cost effective gates are a great answer for someone with the time and commitment to put together to save money.

Alternatively Bayside Electrical Electricians are more than happy to take care of it all. We can advise, supply and install these options, just simply give us a call today!


Bayside Electrical Services only use highly reputable products, including equipment certified by the world leading FAAC Group. With over 50 years of experience and success, FAAC Group administers trusted certification in the Access Automation industry. Such accreditation includes proven maintenance to over 2,000,000 usage cycles, international safety standards, electrical safety, fire safety, quality standards and escape applications standards.

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