Touchless Access Solutions

We owe it to our staff, customers, family and friends to keep them safe. The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear the importance of hand and surface washing to stop the transmission of bacteria and viruses between us.

Touchless access solutions dramatically reduce the disease transmission risks of door handles, buttons and intercoms.

All of the following solutions are perfectly suited to buildings that require strict biological security: medical centres and laboratories, hospital zoned areas and rest homes, among others. Touchless access is equally relevant for a huge number of shops and small businesses under pandemic Alert Level 2 or 3.

Even when the imminent threat of a pandemic has passed, touchless entry ensures you are reducing surface contamination in your building, which provides real benefits for interpersonal hygiene.

FAAC No-Touch Sensor Switch

This entry/exit switch allows touchless use of automated doors, and offers far more control than standard overhead motion detection systems.

Simply wave your hand to activate!

FAAC Elbow & Foot Touch Pad

This switch is a simple, effective option that avoids the use of hands altogether.

Mount low and activate with a foot, or mount higher and use an elbow.

Swing Door Operators

These machines easily convert standard doors into automated doors for use with either the No-Touch Switch or Elbow & Foot Touch Pad.

FAAC A951 Internal

  • Silent and smooth operation
  • ​• Flexible installation options
  • ​• Double-door ready
  • ​• European Safety Standard EN16005 compliant
  • ​• Drives up to 1100 mm wide, 100 kg doors

FAAC 950N2 Internal/External

  • Can be installed on almost any type of internal and external door, and both push or pull doors
  • Advanced MPS processor detects and controls the position of the door at all times
  • Silent operation and a hold-open feature
  • European Safety Standard EN16005 compliant
  • Drives up to 1400 mm wide, 367 kg doors

Comelit Visto Intercom

This intercom offers advanced motion detection, wireless integration and pocket notification. You’ll be notified when someone is standing at the intercom, without the need for them to press a button.

  • IOS (Apple) or Android device compatible
  • Simply connect to your Wi-Fi network, download the app and activate
  • Wired power connection for reliability

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