Vehicle Barriers

Vehicle Barriers are a great solution to ensuring high security areas in public, commercial and industrial venues are secure. They offer visible restrictions and control of a protected area. From carparks to high risk private areas installing a vehicle barrier gives you piece of mind and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.

Automated security barriers can be installed fast and efficiently with little or no disruption to business. Using the most reliable and innovative suppliers we can confidently say we have the right solution for you.

Using our trusted suppliers of FAAC and Genius barriers, we can install barriers up to 8.3m in length and subsequent high running speeds. FAAC barriers are the preferred supplier of most European toll roads, fire stations and hospitals and found throughout New Zealand in ports, government buildings and commercial properties.

Options include the below models:

FAAC B680H Automatic Barrier

The B680H stands out from other products due to its everlasting spring mechanism. Designed for frequent productivity and easy movement of housing. The slender and sleek design is popular for public areas. As the housing is non load bearing it can be easily replaced, with the upright post staying in place. It is available in stainless-steel or steel versions with four colors to choose from. It is coated in epoxy zinc primer anti-corrosion treatment.

The B680H can safely and easily exceed 2,000,000 cycles of continuous use. And has the capability to raise a beam up to 8 metres in length in less than 6 seconds making it idea for areas where speed is key.

Download the manufactures brochure with all the details here.

FAAC B614 Automatic Barrier

This compact V shaped design is self-supporting and has a large internal area for wiring and to house many optional accessories which are available.

An optional extra includes a back up battery allowing the barrier to remain in control even when the main power is out.

A benefit to using this model is its high degree of motion sensitivity and control which allows a quick reserve action that complies with safety standards. The B614 increases the performance of electromechanical barriers. The additional options this model offer can include beam lights, hedge kit, end foot and beam support, traffic light kit and more.

Download the manufactures brochure with all the details here

Genius Rainbow

As a new product for Genius, the Rainbow has been designed as a low-tension barrier with the intent to be the ideal solution for high traffic areas where traffic will be particularly high at certain times of the day. Examples include garages, commercial spaces and most commonly parking garages. The Rainbow design has been built with high grade materials making it durable and sturdy. The electronic state of the art power switching has the features compatible with the load bearing arm ensuring smooth movement and seamless functionality.

Download the manufactures brochure with all the details here.

Genius SPIN 4 / 6

This automatic barrier design is reliable and sturdy. Ensuring it performs to a high standard. Having a left-hand and right-hand option available. The Spin model has an encoder to ensure reserving on detection of movement.

Manual key for access/manual movement during a power outage. Integrated control board with separate opening and closing inputs.

Download the manufactures brochure with all the details here.

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