Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial electrical work is our speciality. Our vast experience includes everything from working with large-scale mining equipment and machinery in Western Australia, to more local plant machinery maintenance and repairs. Our experience also includes the design, supply, install and maintenance of a local New Zealand plant producing bulk granular activated-carbon (ACNZ) . Our knowledge is extensive.

Bayside Electrical Services Electricians perform under pressure. We understand how important it is to repair a plant breakdown as quickly and efficiently as possible. Reducing the risks of financial impact and production loss that can occur are our main priorities.

Our service extends to cover 24 hour 7 days a week emergency assistance. Our fault-finding skills are second to none and are paired with our superior proficiency in technical safety and risk management.

By providing quality workmanship and modern electrical solutions for your industrial requirements, Bayside Electrical Services will ensure your workplace is safe and operating to its maximum efficiency.

Industrial Electrical Services Include:

Powerplant main controls

Fixed Plant machinery maintenance and upgrades

For Heavy or Fixed-Plant machinery servicing, Bayside Electrical are a prudent choice. We have significant experience in industrial mining operations overseas, as well as NZ-based machinery and plant design, installation and maintenance.

Automatic gated entry is an essential function of any modern yard or compound. Talk to the experts at Bayside Electrical for a dependable, secure and robust vehicle entry or exclusion system.

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Bayside Electrical Team Working

Lighting design & installation

Industrial lighting is in general much brighter and mounted higher than other lighting systems, necessitating careful consideration of power supply, mounting, and specifications. Exterior flood lights often have these factors along with intense exposure to the elements. Talk to Bayside Electrical today for stress-free industrial lighting systems.

Large triple prong lights

LED Lighting upgrades

Converting your industrial lighting to high-powered LED is a smart decision in terms of maintenance, light quality and penetration, reliability, and longevity. We offer solutions to suit most situations and can easily deal with large-scale installations.

Man plugging in wires to switchboard

LV Mains Distribution

Bayside Electrical designs, supplies and installs Low Voltage electrical distribution networks for industrial applications. Our experience in Australian mining operations, along with factories and plants here in NZ, means you can be assured of our work.

Person checking switchboard wiring

Motor & control wiring

Industrial motors and control systems are another of our specialties. We are well-equipped to offer safe and functional rotational power for both bespoke new machinery and standard or existing equipment.

Tank wiring units

PLC programming, control, design & installation

We offer process control with proven reliable PLC technology for a wide range of industries. Bayside Electrical are experienced with open and closed-loop control systems, continuous or discrete inputs, along with the usual raft of IO modules and system integration considerations.

Electrician holding wiring paperwork

Project Installation & Maintenance

Leave the electrical responsibilities for your next big project to the experts. Contract Bayside Electrical to take care of electrical design, installation, maintenance, health & safety considerations and planning, hazard identification and more.

Industrial switchboards are necessarily developed specifically for the installation requirements. We take pride in our skills and experience with industrial switchboards; providing safe, effective solutions across a range of industrial contexts, including single or 3-phase systems. Read more…

Bayside electrical plug tag

Test Tagging

Industrial electrical safety is critical. Bayside Electrical provide Test & Tag services for all kinds of portable equipment and stationary plant.

Single and three phase wiring

Three-phase & Single-Phase Installations

We have extensive experience with all major AC configurations, and can design, install and maintain AC electrical systems to your specifications or needs.

Automated no touch glass doors

Modern access installations don’t need keypads. Touchless solutions are perfect for the elimination of contamination or soiling, and make H&S compliance much easier in modern times. Read more…

Automated vehicle intrusion barriers are highly effective, without undermining pedestrian access or the aesthetic of a carriageway. They’re perfect for ease-of-access, and can be installed with matching bollards. We offer, all-weather keypad, key-fob or remote access. Read more…

We support all industries


Agricultural – including pack houses


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And all levels of processing plants

Whether it’s process control, plant maintenance or fixed machinery repairs, you can count on Bayside Electrical Services to get the job done safely, efficiently, promptly and with your satisfaction guaranteed.

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